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Our greatest asset is our people. We cultivate a strong team where our people’s voices are heard and respected and the strengths of individuals are nurtured. We treat each other with the same importance, respect, and courtesy that we afford our customers. We are committed to making a positive impact on our community by our participation in activities and endeavours that benefit our neighbours.

We provide exceptional value to our customers through the delivery of IT services and coherent, cost-effective solutions with organizational benefits in every aspect of our offering. We aim to provide unparalleled customer service by fostering open and frequent communication and maintaining technological and corporate flexibility. We earn customers’ confidence through our commitment to the highest standards of conduct, integrity, and excellence and performance.

iFathom subscribed to the directions and philosophies of the Object Management Group Industry consortium (OMG) for direction on technologies and methods. We use a formal life cycle model supported by project management and change management and we develop our people in the selected technologies as we mature as an organization.

Meet Our Team

Leo Tardioli


1-866-847-2477 ext. 202

Chris Skaarup

Vice President/CAO

1-866-847-2477 ext 203

Angela Hallarn

Manager, Professional Services

1-866-847-2477 ext. 217

Abraham Akrouche



Waseem Husainy

Director, Western Canada


Kevin Nash

Account Executive


Richard Ferreira

Senior Recruitment Executive


Daisy Zhou

Finance Administrator

1-866-847-2477 ext. 200
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