Ed Laverty


Builder : Touch Football
Year Inducted: 2014
Date of Birth: January 1st, 1943
Born in: Ottawa, Ontario

Ed Laverty was the driving force behind the Ottawa Nepean Touch Football League for over 50 years. Born in Ottawa in 1943, Laverty was instrumental in the development and growth of Touch Football, both locally and nationally. He has worked for 50 years, as a player, administrator, leader, builder, role model and noted ambassador.

He became involved with the six-team Ottawa Nepean Touch Football League in 1971, adding new teams and creating new divisions and leagues for all levels of play, including both women’s and co-ed competition.

Under his guidance, participation in the league grew to over 1900 men (80 teams) and women (28 teams) participating in 14 divisions by 2014. As the league president, no task was ever too small or too big.

Throughout his era he did everything, pouring his heart and soul into his job, never asking for anything in return except perhaps for the right of opportunities for people to play touch football.

He brought in tournaments to Ottawa, he won championships as a player and administrator — he had a vision and the wherewithal to see that vision through, for all players. Indeed, with Laverty as a major catalyst, girls and women’s touch football took off in popularity in this area.

Of course, Laverty also volunteered and was President of Touch Football Ontario and wrote a rule book that is used nationally.

He was instrumental in creating Touch Football Canada, which oversees the Canadian ‘Tournament of Champions’. Ed presently resides in Ottawa.