Enée Bordeleau


Builder : Multi Sport
Year Inducted: 1984

Enee Bordeleau (deceased) participated in a number of sports during his life mastering the skills required to organize and build up the character of so many who were involved in Hockey, Football, Boxing, Speedskating, Horseshoes, Tennis, Croquet and Handball. In later life he became a noted sports broadcaster.

In the early 1920’s he played football for St. Brigid’s Juniors.

In speed skating he once defeated the Easter Canada champion in a race at Bingham Square.

Enee played hockey with the old Royal Canadiens, with Notre Dame, St. Brigid’s and LaSalle, and coached and managed many teams.

He organized and ran a number of bantam, midget and juvenile hockey leagues at Bingham Square during the 1920’s.

From 1926 to 1932 he was manager and coach of Bordeleau’s team in the Senior City Softball League. In 1927 he was chosen as coach of the Ottawa Boys’ Club All Stars for the Ontario finals in Toronto. At the same time he stil played for Bordeleau’s in the senior league and for City Hall.

He organized the Montcalm Softball league for boys 12 to 16 and ran it from 1930 to 1936.

In the 1940’s he founded and was president of the LaSalle Academy Softball League.

He was secretary of the Champlain boxing Club for three years during 1930, 31 and 32.

He was a skilled horseshoe thrower and played with the New Edinburgh Club and was president of the National Social Club with an emphasis on horseshoes through the 1930’s.

He was a director for the Bellevue tennis Club and the Federation of Tennis.

He was secretary of the LasSalle Academy Handball League and a director and wheelhorse of the Figaro Croquet Club and of the Montagnard Croquet Club.

In 1946 he was selected as the top bilingual sports announcer in Eastern Canada.

He was a columnist for Le Droit and various Quebec newspapers and was well known as the Host of ‘The Bradings Sports Forum’ in Hull, Quebec (now ‘Gatineau’) from 1941 to 1951. This was the first fully bilingual broadcast in Canada which was heard on radio station CKCH.