Aldoria ‘Coco’ Jarry


Builder : Football, Hockey, Softball
Year Inducted: 1967
Date of Birth: February 22nd, 1903

Aldoria ‘Coco’ Jarry (deceased) during the first rugby game in Hull on October 23, 1932 was already present as lines judge.  First president of the Hull-Volant in 1933 and first member for life in 1937, it is impossible to evoke the memory of this great sports organizer without mentioning his devotion to the Hull-Volant and as well to the Recreation Association E.B. Eddy, CKCH or the sports section of Le Droit and Le Progrès. Jarry was nicknamed Mister Hull Sports.

Jarry is recognized as a baseball and bridge player, journalist, founder of a baseball club, referee, statistician, counsellor… Over the years, he managed baseball teams, softball, Lacrosse, hockey, football and cycling. During twelve years, he participates in the Committee of the Gil.-O Julien Trophy, acts as director of the Quebec Provincial Baseball Association and manages the Hull-Volant during fourteen terms. 33 years at the Hull-Volant, as many at Le Progrès, 40 years et Le Droit and 47 as machinist at Eddy.

This summary speaks much about his constancy and reliability. Acclaimed Citizen of the Year in Hull in 1963, honoured at Eddy and received as member of the Journalists Circle of Western Quebec.