Fred C. McCann


Builder / Bâtisseur - Ottawa Boy's Club
Year Inducted: 1984

Fred C. McCann (deceased). On October 26, 1923, the Ottawa Boys Club opened on Laurier Avenue, in the City of Ottawa’s downtown core. Fred C. McCann, a social worker from Montréal, was appointed as the Club’s Executive Director and led the Club through many changes, from expanding the Club to multiple locations, adding programming options and growing its Member base.

In 1924, “Camp Minwassin” is founded by Mr. McCann. With the help of local businessmen and various supporters, Mr. McCann acquired land on Mink Lake, near Eganville, Ontario. That year, the downtown clubhouse is closed and McCann and his staff bring 66 boys up to “Minwassin”.

The benefits to the youth, including getting away from the city, experiencing nature, and building social skills through group living (in tents) are immediately evident, encouraging the continued commitment to the camping experience.