Jim Foley


Athlete : Football
Year Inducted: 2010
Date of Birth: October 27th, 1947
Born in: Ottawa, Ontario

Born in Ottawa in 1946, Jim Foley was a hometown high school football star and a success at St. Dunstan’s University (later UPEI) scoring 198 in four seasons. Drafted in the first round by the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1970, he had a seven-year career in the CFL, playing blocker, receiver and running back. As a Montreal Alouette, Foley was the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Year in 1971. He joined the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1973 and was a member of their Grey Cup teams in ’73 and ’76. Many awards followed Foley’s career, notably the Hiram Walker and Shopsy Awards for Most Valuable Ottawa Player in ’74, the Lew Heyman Award for Most Outstanding Canadian Player in the Eastern Conference in ’75 and the Schendley Award for Most Outstanding Player in the CFL, also in ’75. Retiring in 1978, Foley retained an interest in football through membership in the CFL Ottawa Alumni and through coaching activities at the university and minor levels.