Terry Kielty


Athlete : Football
Year Inducted: 2001
Date of Birth: June 28th, 1923
Born in: Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

Terry Kielty (deceased) began his sports coverage career at the Globe and Mail in 1941 before joining Royal Canadian Ariforce (RCAF). In 1946, he began broadcasting the Ottawa Rough Riders games. Other early career highlights include hockey and baseball play-by-play assignments as well as being the original staff member of radio station CFRA in 1947 and has been associated with the station’s sporting activities for over 50 years.

His involvement with the CFL and football is well known as he was instrumental in not only bringing Grey Cup games to Ottawa (1967, 1988), but he was also the President of the Rough Riders (1977-1986), and Chairman of the Board of Governors of CFL (1981). He was the founding member of Football Reporters of Canada (1958) serving as President in 1967 and inducted in to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in the Reporters section in 1991.